Immerse yourself in the cultural and pastoral richness of a Berber village during an unforgettable 3-hour hiking experience, with a 600-meter elevation gain. Nestled among the majestic plateaus of the High Atlas, this village offers much more than a simple getaway: it’s a complete immersion in local life and Berber traditions.
Your journey begins at the foot of these impressive plateaus, offering breathtaking panoramas of the Marrakech plain and surrounding peaks, such as the exceptional Oukaïmeden site. This picturesque hike will guide you along winding paths, gradually revealing the daily and pastoral life of the Berber village inhabitants.
Along the way, you’ll discover the unique habits and customs of this community, steeped in thousands of years of history. Your local guide, passionate about preserving these traditions, will reveal the secrets of Berber life, from ancestral farming practices to vibrant cultural celebrations.

Admire the breathtaking scenery while immersing yourself in local pastoral life. Meet warm-hearted locals and discover their way of life, between cattle breeding, traditional crafts and community rituals. Your walk through these emblematic mountains will be punctuated by enriching stops, where you can interact with the locals and deepen your understanding of this unique culture.
This 3-hour hike is much more than just a physical adventure, it’s a doorway into the soul of the Berber community, allowing you to capture the essence of life in these highlands, while enjoying the breathtaking panoramas for which the region is famous.


Thursday 10/3


Friday 10/4

9h - 14h

Saturday 10/5

9h - 11h & 15h - 17h

Sunday 10/6


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